Base Price: $150.00
Quantity and duration may affect final ticket price

Instructions and info! PLEASE READ PRIOR TO BOOKING!

What to Do: Pick a Date between Mid-June – September 30th!  We will no longer be hosting Birthday Parties in October. If the slot you would like is unavailable, that means it's either already-booked or no parties available that day!

Next: See What Rental Includes and WHAT IS ALLOWED on the farm.

  • 3 picnic tables by the Farm Store and Bella's Courtyard (not by the farmhouse).
  • Private cow train around the farm.
  • 15 Kids at the birthday party can pick a pint of what is in the season for U-Pick (Berry season is over by Mid-August through Mid-September so at those parties we will have veggies for picking rather than berries or pumpkins).
  • **Option to Add Fresh Fruit Platter for another $30, a Fresh Veggie Platter for $30, or BOTH for $60. – MUST LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE IF YOU WOULD LIKE A FRUIT AND/OR VEGGIE PLATTER AND WE WILL HAVE THOSE READY WHEN YOU ARRIVE.
  • Time Slots Available(Choose from a 3-hour time slot ): OPTIONS ARE: 10am to 1 pm OR 2 pm to 5pm – Time slots are strictly enforced and must be scheduled in advance. It is $150 ADDITONAL if you go over your allotted time unless we specify there are no other parties after yours. This time includes set-up and clean-up.
  • Please NOTE: We cannot book until we receive payment for your event.
  • Extra kids are $10 each - you can pay for any additonal children the day-of!

NOTE: ** You can bring decorations, cake, ice cream, games, and balloons (clean up decorations on the way out and please recycle – we only include one garbage can full of garbage with your party – any extra garage or recycle must go home with you).  Food/drink/alcoholic beverages (beer & wine) available for purchase at the farm. Please see the Bella's Courtyard page for current menus for more info on food options!**

WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE FARM: Please check-in at the farm when you arrive, and we will give you your pints for picking, instructions for picking, and show you your party location and schedule your cow train ride. All guests and hosts must park by the farm store in the parking lot. Thank you!


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